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(In preparation): Business Ethics in the 21st Century: Stability and Change. (Contracted to Nova Science: NY).

Singer AE Integrating Strategy & Ethics : Selected Works of Alan E Singer. World Scientific Publishing Co: NJ. ISBN-13 9789812701459 & 10 9812701451

Singer A.E. (2007) (Ed.) Business Ethics & Strategy. Vol. I & Vol. II, The International Library of Public and Private Ethics,Ashgate, England, (collection of reprints, including introduction and 4 papers by the editor) ISBN 0754626091

Werhane P. & A.E. Singer. (Eds.) Business Ethics in Theory and Practice: Contributions from Asia and New Zealand Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht, 1999: 256pp. ISBN 079235849

Singer A.E. Strategy as Rationality: Redirecting Strategic Thought and Action. Avebury Series in Philosophy, Avebury, Aldershot, England, 1996: 135 pp. ISBN 1859722709

Papers in refereed journals

Singer A.E. (forthcoming) Teaching without preaching: a pragmatic approach to ethics cases. Business Ethics: A European Review

Singer AE (under review) Convergent Governance Principles & Stakeholder Capitalism (8pp)

Singer A.E. (2013). Social responsibility, political activity and competitive strategy: an integrative model. Business Ethics: A European Review 22(3) 308-324.

Singer AE (2013) James Martin’s 21st century and the new dynamic of inequality Human Systems Management. DOI 10.3233/HSM-130779

Singer A.E. (2013 ) Corporate moral agency and artificial intelligence. IJ Social & Organizational Issues in IT, 3(1) 1-13 (lead article)

Singer A.E. (2013) Teaching ethics cases: a pragmatic approach. Business Ethics: A European Review.  22(1) 16–31. doi: 10.1111/beer.12004

Singer A.E. (2012) Biology and freedom: an emerging stakeholder imperative Human Systems Management 31: 85-95 (lead article).

Singer A.E. (2012) Wired for warmth: robotics as moral philosophy. IJ Social & Organisational Issues in IT 2 (3). 17-28.

Valdez ME, RH Doktor. L Dana & AE Singer (2011). Impact of tolerance for uncertainty on entrepreneurship. Human Systems Management 30, 2

Singer A.E. (2010) Organizing ethics and entrepreneurship Human Systems Management 29, 2: 69-78 (lead article)

Singer A.E. (2010) Strategy as Metatheory Integral Review (special issue on ‘emerging perspectives on metatheory’) 6,3 : 57-72

Singer AE (2009) Integrating ethics and strategy: a pragmatic approach. Journal of Business Ethics 92 (4) : 479-492. [DOI 10.1007/s10551-009-0176-z]


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