Alan Singer, PhD


B.A.(Hons.) Oxf. B.Sc. (Hons.) Lond. MA. PGCE. Oxf. Ph.D. Canterbury (NZ)



BooneN.C. 28608U.S.A.

NAME:                                 Dr.  Alan Evan SINGER

DATE OF BIRTH:               14 February 1954

NATIONALITY:                  US permanent resident, EU/UK & New Zealand citizen.



1972-75           B.A. (Hons.) Mathematics.  TheQueensCollege,OxfordUniversity.  (M.A. awarded in 1977).

1976-7             P.G.C.E  (Diploma in Education)  OxfordUniversityDept. of Educational Studies.

1978-81           B.Sc. (Hons.) Psychology. BirkbeckCollege,UniversityofLondon(Part time)

1989‑1992       Ph.D. UniversityofCanterbury,Christchurch.  Thesis: "Corporate Strategy as Plural Rationality". 

                            External (I)            Professor G Hodgson, Judge Institute,

                             Examiners:                          University of Cambridge,England.

                              (II)          Professor P Earl,University of Queensland,Australia.



Jan 2014-present                     Professor,Walker School of Business, Appalachian State U.

Jan 2008-Dec 2013                James E. Holshouser Distinguished Professor of Ethics, ASU.

Sept. 04-May 05                    John L. Aram Professor of Business Ethics, Gonzaga U.

Feb. 1999+                             Reader, Department of Management,University of Canterbury,New Zealand

Feb. 1987                                Senior Lecturer. (and Erskine Fellow, Oct-Nov 1993).

Feb. 1985 -                              Lecturer, Department of Business Administration,UniversityofCanterbury.

Jun. 1984                                 Visiting lecturer, Department of Accountancy,UniversityofCanterbury.

Jan. 1982 - Feb. 1985             Lecturer, Department of Business Administration,VictoriaUniversityofWellington.

1978-81                                   Lecturer, Emile Woolf & Associates,London(and Chart Tutors,Bristol).

1977 -78                                  Lecturer (part-time), at the Department of Management, London Guildhall university

1976-7                                    Taught Mathematics at Westminster School

1975-6                                     Thos. R. Miller & Sons.  Insurance Brokers (at Lloyds).


TheLondonSchoolof Economics (InterdisciplinaryInstituteofManagement) June-July 1997; UH Manoa (CBA Jan.-June 1997; 1999.  UWesternAustralia(Dept. Management) 1990 –1; Erskine fellowships 1993 (UWA), 2006 (UHM)



Nominated for Who’s Who in America 2010; Listed in Who’s Who in the World, Marquis, 1998, 1999, 2000,  2001 & 2003; World Who’s Who in Finance and Industry Marquis, 1999. Also in minor lists: Whos' Who in Business Education (forthcoming), Who's Who in Asia and the Pacific Nations. 4th Edition. 1999; Who’s Who in New Zealand; ANBAR Citation of Excellence 1997. Interview appeared in  Bulletin HEC, Universite Lausanne;  International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (2001), ABI; 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century and in Outstanding People of the 20th Centuy (2nd edn.) IBC Cambridge (2000);  Dictionary of International Biography 28th Edition. IBC Cambridge; Nominated (1997) for the Matson Distinguished Professorship of Global Business,University ofHawaii.



Worldwide book review editor for Human Systems Management, IOS  Science & Technology, Dordrecht; Associate Editor, International Journal of Business & Globalisation Ed Boards: Journal of Business EthicsKluwer, Netherlands. (1987-2003); Journal of International Enterpreneurship (new Springer jnl.);  New Zealand Journal of Business, Auckland, NZ. (1987-96); African Journal of Business Ethics (S Africa) ; The Jnl. of Economic Development and Business Policy (new jnl. USA).

Special issues edited

Int. J. Enterpreneurship & Small Business. (2008) Entrepreneurship & moral progress

Human Systems Management (2007) Corporate social responsibility

Int. J. Enterpreneurship & Innovation Mgmt. (2005) Entrepreneurship & poverty

Human Systems Management (1995) Organisational capital & productivity

Journal Reviewing 

Business Ethics: European Review; Academy of Management, Social Issues in Management, 2005; Journal of Business Ethics; Journal of Management Studies; Human Systems Management; Complexity (Santa Fe Institute); Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Journal of Economic Psychology; OMEGA: International. Journal of  Management Science; European Journal of Operational Research;International Journal of Human Factors in Manufacturing; International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management; British Food Journal, Journal of Economic & Social Policy.

Other book reviewing

Strategic Management (Australian edn.) J Wiley (2005) .Philosophy and Organisation Routledge (2003); Global Marketing  and Co-operative Networks.  Haworth Press, NY. (2000); An Inquiry into the Science of Management.  Kluwer Amsterdam (1998); Strategic Management  Longman Paul NZ (1994); Forecasting &  Decision Making  J. Wiley (1989);


Strategic Management course, Nelson Polytechnic, (1993); Business Ethics & Critical Thinking, TOPNZ.  (1994); NZVCC/NZQA B.Bus. degree, Manakau Polytechnic.  (1994); Business Ethics.ChristchurchCollege of Education (2000); External examiner for various Masters degree thesis.


Member of The Society for  Business Ethics; ISBEE, The New York Academy of Sciences.(1995-6) Former member of: Inst.  Maths. & Applns.  British Psych. Soc. ORSNZ, AAANZ. Board member of the Australasian Business & Behavioural Science Association (Centre for Business & Economic Research, James Cook University) Founder member: S.I. Branch of the NZ Strategic Management Society.  NZ Coordinator of  APABEN (Asia Pacific Business Ethics Network, 1995); Member of UoC “Moral Political & Philosophical” interdisciplinary discussion group (2004)


Wachovia Ethics Conference at ASU ( 2008: Health & credit; 2010: Business & environmental ethics. 2012: Business ethics and inequality. 2013 Ethics in Sports & Athletics, Organised, promoted, chaired, panelist).  Symposium on Business Ethics (with Professor Werhane) Sept 1997. U Canterbury. New Zealand Strategic Management Society Annual Conference. U. Canterbury. 1995 & 2000 (Conference Board of advisors, 1999). Organized, chaired and presented at faculty seminar series on business ethics/ corporate social responsibility, 2008-2011 (Spring semester) at ASU;  and 2006 -7 at U.Canterbury.



ASU Sustainability Council 2009-13; Sucommitee on Sustauinability and Arts. Departmental Personnel Committee; Curriculum committee,  Strategy search committee; Faculty advisor to Judaic Studies; University of Canterbury: Academic Staffing Committee. University Chair Appointment Committees (Professor of Education, Professor of Statistics, Chair and Director of Centre for Research on Europe) 2001. Academic Board.  Oct. 1998+,  Human Ethics Review Committee 1999+  Dept. Graduate Research Committee and Coordinator of PhD Admissions 1998+,  Coordinator, M.Com in Business Admin. 1995 & 1996 and again in 2002,  Faculty liaison officer for disabled students and students with special needs.  1992+,  Dept. Library liaison officer 1988‑91,  Dept. Leave Committee 1992+., Dept. Visitor Committee 1992-7.

Organised visits from:

Professor Robert Doktor (U. Hawaii at Manoa), Professor Robert Allinson (Chinese U. Hong Kong) Emeritus Professor JP Van Gigch (Cal. State, Sacremento), Professor Patricia Werhane (Darden School,); Professor Muhittin Oral (Laval,); Professor Milan Zeleny (Fordham, ); Professor Arch Woodside (Tulane );  Professor Peter Earl (Lincoln);;  Professor Solomon (U. Texas, visitor to Canterbury Philosophy Dept.); Professor Remus (U. Hawaii); Professor Jacobs (U. Hawaii).

Seminars conducted (examples)

Teaching Business Ethics (2017) U Diego Portales  (Chile).  Ethics Panelist, NetImpact sustainability conference, ASU 2010.   Seminar at Redlands University: An organsing framework for strategy and ethics (2006);  Gonzaga University:  Ethics across the curriculum (with Prof Stebbins of Gonzaga Inst. of Ethics (2004); UH Hilo, Hypercompetition and ths Stakeholder Model  (2002); The London School of Economics,   Evolution of strategic thinking. (1997); University of Hawaii at Manoa, Various papers. (1999, 1997 & 1993), CBA faculty seminars and the CIS-Interdisciplinary Doctoral program; Cranfield School of Management Multi-capital conceptual model (1997); Lincoln University (1996); Warwick Business School, University of Warwick,  Strategy as moral philosophy (1995). Victoria University of Wellington   Strategy as rationality (1994); Marketing Research Society of Western Australia,  Business Ethics (1991).

Other invitations (examples)

Keynote Address at Programa Del Seminario Internacional Sobre Business Ethics Facultad De Economia Y Empresa Universidad Diego Portales (August 2017)  The International Conference of Management and Philosophy, National Central University, Chung-li, Taiwan. (March 1998); The First World Congress on “Culture and the Economic Development of Civilisation” Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; convene a panel at the The 5thInternational Conf. on Social Values, St. Catherines College, Oxford University, July 6-9 1999; join the editorial board of a proposed new journal, theInternational Journal of Corporate Governance; to attend the award ceremony of the Coopers & Lybrands “Igor Ansoff Strategic Management Award”, Amsterdam, 1997; to give a keynote address at theInternational Conference on Interdisciplinary Research,International Institute for Advanced. Studies in Systems Analysis & Cybernetics,Carlsbad,Czech Republic, (1994).

Other external

Ethics talks at Blowing Rock Rotary 2009& 2012. Member of planning panel (2005) meeting with Dr Galen & Dr Hood (President of Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle; leader of Human Genome DNA sequencing project)  Specialist Advisor to PBRF panel (Business & Economics), Wellington, 2003. Corporate in-house seminars related to my research.  (Jardens, TAB).  Auditor, National Committee of Friends Society (1993).  Board Member ofCanterburyCongregation.  Member of TheCanterburyEthnic Council. Teasurer, SI Branch of NZ Strategic Management Society (1994-5). Speaker at Lincoln Rotary Club (1995), Initated and organised the Departmental involvement in the annual Montana Debate, Christchurch Polytechnic, (1991-4). Taught maths atKirkwood.



At Appalachian State University

1. Business Ethics 400 & 500 level, various outreach classes across campus.

2. Contemporary Issues in Management & Leadership 400 & 500 level

3. Strategic Management (MBA, Fall 2014)

At the School of Business, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington USA:

1.  Business Ethics (MBA, and 400-level)

2. InternationalBusiness & Society (MBA)

At Department of Management, University of Canterbury, N.Z.:

1.        InternationalBusiness & Society/ Business Ethics (MBA, LLM, M.Com/Hons.) 1989+  & M.E.M. (Engineering Dept.) 1995+

2.         Strategic Management (MBA) 1985+.

3.         Business enterprise and policy (300 level) 1985+.

  1. Advanced Strategic Management (M.Com./Hons.) 1993+.
  2. Quant. Methods(Accounting) (Diploma, 500 level) 1998+

6          Marketing & strategic management (500 level) 1998+

7.         Special topic: Strategic Decision Making (300 level) 1986‑8.

8.         Organisational Behaviour (200 level) 1987‑8.

9.         M.Com. projects (various).

10                MBA projects (various)

11                PhD students thesis topics (i) Corruption inInternational Business (ii) Valuation of SMEs. (iii) The liberal university and the new politics.

At University of Hawaii at Manoa (CBA)

1.         Strategic Management 1997

At Department of Accountancy, University of Canterbury:

1.         Behavioural Accounting (M.Comm, Accy.) 1985‑6.

2.         Management Accounting (200 level) 1984.

At Department of Management, University of Western Australia (1990‑1):

1.         Administrative Policy (MBA)

2.         Business Ethics (MBA)

3.         Organisational Strategy 321

At Department of Business Administration, VUW, Wellington, N.Z.:

1.         Business Policy (MBA & 300-level) 1982‑4.

2.         Business Analysis (200-level) 1982‑4.

At Emile Woolf & Associates, London, England:

1.         Financial Management (InstituteofChartered AccountantsofEngland& Wales, Final post-graduate Professional Level

2.         Management Accounting ( " ).

3.         Systems & Data Processing (Part 1 professional).

4.         Statistics & Operations Research (Various Accounting Institutes'  professional exams).

5.         Organisation & Marketing Management (Inst.  Cost & Mgt Accts,  professional exam.  Part 2).

At Chart Tutors, Bristol, England:

1.         Financial Management (ICAEW, Part 2).

At  London Guildhall University, Whitechapel, London:

1.         Statistics & Operations Research.

 In Business Ethics courses (all levels) I use “Ethical Issues in Business: A Philosophical Approach” edited by Tom Donaldson & Pat Werhane.  Currently have a paper (under review) about an innovative approach to teaching with that book.  In strategy (MBA) I used Hill & Jones “Strategic Management”.



BOOKS (5+)

Singer AE (2018) Understanding Left & Right: An Illustrated Guide to the Political Divide.Nova Science NY

Singer AE (2013): Business Ethics in the 21st Century: Stability and Change. Nova Science: NY.

Singer AE (2007) Integrating Strategy & Ethics : Selected Works of Alan E Singer.  World Scientific Publishing Co: NJ.  ISBN-13 9789812701459  & 10 9812701451

Singer A.E. (2007) (Ed.) Business Ethics & Strategy. Vol. I & Vol. II, The International Library of Public and Private Ethics,Ashgate,England, (collection of reprints, including introduction and 4 papers by the editor) ISBN 0754626091

Werhane P. & A.E. Singer. (Eds.) Business Ethics in Theory and Practice: Contributions from Asia and New Zealand   Kluwer Academic,Dordrecht, 1999: 256pp. ISBN 079235849

Singer A.E. Strategy as Rationality: Redirecting Strategic Thought and Action.   Avebury Series in Philosophy, Avebury, Aldershot, England, 1996: 135 pp. ISBN 1859722709. Reprinted in 2013.


Singer AE (2018) Corporate Moral Agency and Stakeholder Engagement. Chapter 2 In: Adam Lindgren et al (eds.). Stakeholder Engagement & Relationship Management  . Routledge.

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Singer A.E. (2012) Reflection on eco-preneurship. In: T Burger-Helmchen (Ed.) Entrepreneurship:Born Made & Educated. . Intech (Croatia).  ISBN 979935307531-9,  pp59-74 (ch. 4)

Singer A.E. (2011). Stability and change in business ethics. In: Advances in Business & Management Vol 2,  NovaScience : NY  (Hardback,, also available as open access)

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