We recommend that you meet with an WCOB advisor prior to pursuing an internship for credit to ensure that it fits within your academic plans. If you are interested in obtaining an internship either for experience or additionally for academic credit, please look at the information below. 

STEP 1: Apply for Internship Opportunities

If you have already secured an internship, feel free to move onto the next steps. Here are a few places you can search for available internships that can help with finding the right one for you!

STEP 2: Create an appointment with Business Advising Services

In order to ensure that you can fit an internship into your academic plan and continue to stay on track, an appointment with the Advising department is recommended. The following steps below can assist you in a meeting with a member of Advising to discuss if fitting an internship into your plan is a good idea.

STEP 3: Academic Credit Requirements

If you are seeking an internship for credit, please visit this webpage for more information regarding the requirements to get approval for academic credit.

STEP 4: Fill out the Internship Credit Form

If you have met all of the requirements in the prior step, please fill out the following google form so we can gather your information regarding your internship to get you approved for academic credit!

STEP 5: The internship Coordinator Will Reach Out

Once you have completed the internship credit form, the Internship Coordinator will reach out to discuss the details of your internship and requirements.

STEP 6: Get Assigned a Coach

You will be assigned a coach by the Internship coordinator via email.

STEP 7: Meeting With Your Coach

Meet with your coach at the assigned meeting time agreed upon.

STEP 8: Internship Coordinator Meeting With Employer

The Internship Coordinator will meet with your Internship Employer. No action is needed.

STEP 9: Complete Internship Class Requirements

You will be registered in Pass/Fail course. You will be evaluated by weekly status and learning reports. You will talk about the contributions you've made, update your resume, and be evaluated by your employer.


All done! Good luck with your internship and get that experience!