Carol Kline, PhD

Associate Professor

  • PhD Tourism Planning & Policy, North Carolina State University
  • MS Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management, North Carolina State University
  • BA Psychology, Wake Forest University

Carol works with Dr. Dana Clark in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program. She teaches the introductory class for the program, a Food & Beverage Management course, and developed the Department's first Sustainable Tourism course. Carol has co-directed many study abroad programs to Ghana and to Cuba; her most recent course was in June 2015 to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. She is excited to begin working this coming year with students on developing their internship plans. Her research interests focus broadly on tourism planning and development and tourism sustainability but cover a range of topics such as foodie segmentation, craft beverages, agritourism, animal welfare in tourism, tourism entrepreneurship, niche tourism markets, and tourism impacts to communities. Additionally, she is part of a network of researchers who focus on Race, Ethnicity, & Social Equity in Tourism (RESET), an effort headed by Dr. Derek Alderman at the University of Tennessee.

Prior to coming to Appalachian, Carol worked at East Carolina's Center for Sustainable Tourism and the Department of Recreation & Leisure Studies. She taught at North Carolina Central University's Hospitality & Tourism Administration program for two years, and worked with Cooperative Extension for ten years to provide outreach on tourism development issues to North Carolina's rural communities. She also served for two years as Director of Tourism for HandMade in America located in Asheville. Carol has consulted in a variety of geographical and cultural settings but is happy to call North Carolina home. She and her family live in Lenoir.

Recent Publications

Kline, C., Bulla, B., Rubright, H., Green, E., & Harris, E. (accepted). Exploring Expectation-Importance-Performance Analysis with cultural tourists in Havana, Cuba. Tourism and Hospitality Research.

Thompson, L., Kline, C., Swanson, J., Best, M., McKinnon, H. (accepted). Community development through agroecotourism in Cuba: An application of the community capitals framework. Journal of Ecotourism.

Rubright, H., Kline, C., Viren, P., Naar, A., & Oliver, J. (accepted). Attraction sustainability in North Carolina and its impact on decision-making. Tourism Management Perspectives.

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Kline, C. & Slocum, S. (accepted). Neoliberalism in Ecotourism? The new development paradigm of multinational projects in Africa. Journal of Ecotourism. 

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HOS 2000 Survey of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry; HOS 3700 Food & Beverage Management; Sustainable Tourism (Special topics course)

Research Interests

Research interests focus on tourism planning and development and include tourism entrepreneurship, tourism impacts on communities, and niche tourist markets.

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Management

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