Rachel Shinnar, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • M.S., University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • B.A., Tel Aviv University

Recent Publications

Giacomin, O., Janssen, F. & Shinnar, R.S. (2016). University students and their faculty: Perceptions of entrepreneurial optimism, overconfidence and entrepreneurial intentions. Management International, 20(1), 196-207.

Shinnar, R.S., Hsu, K. D. & Powell, B. (2014). Self-efficacy, entrepreneurial intentions and gender: Assessing the impact of entrepreneurship education longitudinally. International Journal of Management Education, 14, 561-570.

Hsu, K. D., Shinnar, R.S. & Powell, B. (2014). Expectancy theory and entrepreneurial motivation: A longitudinal examination of the role of entrepreneurship education. Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship Special Issue on Entrepreneurship Education, 26(1), 121-140.

Shinnar, R.S., Cho, S.H. & Rogoff, E.G. (2013). Outcomes of family involvement in minority-owned family businesses. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 4(1), 22-33.

Shinnar R.S., Giacomin, O. & Janssen, F. (2012). Entrepreneurial perceptions and intentions: The role of gender and culture. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 36(3), 435-493. (Paper included among the top ten ET&P downloads from Wiley's site from publication date to 2013).

Shinnar, R.S., Aguilera, M.B. & Lyons, T. (2011). Co-ethnic markets: Penalty or opportunity? International Business Review, 20(6), 646-658.


Organizational Behavior, Contemporary Issues in Management and Leadership, International Human Resource Management

Research Interests

Entrepreneurial Intentions, Minority & Female entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Careers and upward mobility for Hispanic immigrants in North America

Title: Professor
Department: Department of Management

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