Rachel Shinnar, PhD


  • Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • M.S., University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • B.A., Tel Aviv University

Recent Publications

Zhu, F., Hsu, D., Syed, I., Shinnar, R.S. & Cohen D. (2022).  I put in effort but I am still not passionate: The influence of person-entrepreneurship fit. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 18.

Giacomin, O., Janssen, F., Shinnar, R.S., Gundolf, K. & Shiri N. (2022). Individual religious affiliation, religiosity and entrepreneurial intentions. International Small Business Journal, 41(3), 318-346.

Lin, S. H., Shinnar, R.S. & Hsu, K.D. (2022).  Polychronicity, decision-making, and entrepreneurial self-efficacy of founders in venture teams: An exploratory study. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 25(2), 144-160.

Cohen D., Hsu, D. & Shinnar, R.S. (2021). Identifying innovative opportunities in the entrepreneurship classroom: A new approach and empirical test. Small Business Economics Journal, 57, 1931-1955.

Zamantılı Nayır, D. & Shinnar, R.S. (2020). How founders establish legitimacy: A narrative perspective on social entrepreneurs in a developing country context. Social Enterprise Journal, 16(3), 221-241.

Khoshmaram, M., Shiri, N., Shinnar, R.S. & Savari, M. (2020). Environmental support and entrepreneurial behavior among Iranian farmers: The mediating roles of social and human capital. Journal of Small Business Management, 58(5), 1064-1088.  

Shinnar, R.S. & Zamantılı Nayır, D. (2019). Immigrant entrepreneurship in an emerging economy: The case of Turkey. Journal of Small Business Management, 57(2), 559-575. 

Hsu, D., Shinnar, R.S. & Anderson S. (2019). ‘I wish I had a regular job’: An examination of entrepreneurial regret. Journal of Business Research, 96, 217-227. 

Shinnar, R.S., Hsu, K.D., Powell, C.B. & Zhou, H. (2018). Entrepreneurial intentions and start-ups: Are women or men more likely to act on their intentions? International Small Business Journal, 36(1), 60-80.  

Hsu, K.D., Shinnar, R.S., Coffey, B. & Powell, C.B. (2017). Intentions to reenter venture creation: The effect of entrepreneurial experience and organizational climate. International Small Business Journal, 35(8), 928-948. 

Shiri, N., Shinnar, R.S., Mirakzadeh, A.A. & Zarafshani, K. (2017). Cultural values and entrepreneurial intentions among agriculture students in Iran. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. 13(4), 1157-1179.


MGT3800: Systems Thinking & Global Awareness; MGT3630: Introduction to Organizational Behavior; MGT3670:International Human Resource Management. 

Research Interests

Entrepreneurial Intentions, Minority & Female entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Careers and upward mobility for Hispanic immigrants in North America.

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Department: Department of Management

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