Michael Young, PhD


  • University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT. Ph.D. in business administration with concentration in strategic management.
  • University of Connecticut.Storrs, CT. M.A. in economics with concentration in labor economics.
  • West Virginia State University. Institute, WV. B.A. in economics with minor in business administration.



Appalachian State University. Associate Professor (2017-pres).

Hong Kong Baptist University.  Associate Professor (2006-2017).

Lanzhou University, Gansu Province China. Visiting Professor (Fall 2013).

Chinese University of Hong Kong. Assistant Professor of Management (1999-2006).



Chinese and Emerging Economy Management Practice.  Corporate Governance of Emerging Economies.  Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions by Chinese MNC’s.






Ng, Victor M.T, Emily G. Huang & Michael N. Young. (2018). Should I stay or should I go? Understanding employees’ decisions to leave after mergers in Hong Kong’s banking industry. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. (forthcoming)

Zhang, Jenny, Michael N. Young, Weizheng Sun and Justin Tan. (2018). How Chinese companies deal with legitimacy imbalance when acquiring firms from developed economies. Journal of World Business. (forthcoming)

Young, Michael N. (2016). Commentary on the enigma of Chinese Performance: Do Chinese investors’ reactions to merger announcements accurately measure prospects for success? Management and Organization Review. 12(2):249-257.

Chen, Yuan Yi, Xinran Wang & Michael N. Young (2015). Geely Automotive’s acquisition of Volvo. Asian Case Research Journal. 19: 153-172.

Wei, Liqun, Xinran Wang, Deqiu Chen & Michael N. Young (2014). Which CEOs are more likely to be fired?  Demographic characteristics as an antecedent. SAM Advanced Management Journal. 79(3): 37-50.

Wang, Xinran & Michael N. Young (2014). Does collectivism affect environmental ethics? A Multi-level study of top management teams from chemical firms in China. Journal of Business Ethics. 122(3): 387-394.

Young, Michael N., Terence Tsai, Shubo Liu, Xinran Wang & David Ahlstrom (2014). Strategy in emerging economies and the theory of the firm. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 31: 331-354.

Li, J., Michael N. Young & Guiyao Tang (2012). The development of entrepreneurship in Chinese communities: An organizational symbiosis perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 29: 367-385.

Li, J., Alicia Leung, Michael N. Young, Yang Xin, Zhengyao Cai & Jun Huang (2012). A Yin/Yang perspective on the 2008 global financial crisis. British Journal of Management. 23: 119-125.

Tsai, Terence, Michael N. Young & Bor-shuan Cheng (2011). Confucian business practices and firm competitiveness: The case of Sinyi real estate. Frontiers of Business Research in China. 5(3): 317-343.

Leung, Alicia., Yuan Yi Chen, Lonnie Z. Wu  & Michael N. Young (2011). The impact of workplace ostracism in service firms. International Journal of Hospitality Management. 30: 836-844.

Young, Michael N., Gary Bruton, David Ahlstrom & Y. Rubanik (2011). What do firms from Emerging Economies want from their strategic alliance partners? Business Horizons. 54: 163-174.

Chen, Yuan Yi & Michael N. Young (2010). Cross-border mergers and acquisitions by Chinese listed companies: A principal–principal perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 27(3):  523-539.

Tsai, Terence, Michael N. Young, Cheng Bor-shuian & Shubo Liu (2010). Sinyi real estate in China: The challenges of maintaining an ethical business culture. Asian Case Research Journal. 14(2): 160-185

Young, Michael N., Mike W. Peng, David Ahlstrom, Garry Bruton & Yi Jiang (2008). Corporate governance in emerging economies: A review of the principal-principal perspective. Journal of Management Studies. 45(1): 196-220.



Academic Writing and Publishing in Business Administration

Business Policy & Strategy (EMBA, MBA & undergraduate capstone)                           

International Business (MBA)

Entrepreneurship (MBA)

Strategic Human Resource Management (MSc)

Strategic Management for Media Companies

Principles of Management                                                                                           

Basic Business Research

Principles of Economics (micro & macro)                                                                     

The History of Economic Thought                                                                                

Economic Development                                                                                   

Labor Economics



Nankai University (2018)

Tianjin University (2018)

Northeastern University, Shenyang, P.R.C. (2017)

China Academy of Art, Hangzhou (2016)

Xiamen University (2016)

Shantou University (2016)

University of Texas at Dallas (2015)

Lanzhou University (2015)

Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R.C. (2014)

Wuhan University, Wuhan, P.R.C. (2014)

Harbin University of Technology, Harbin, P.R.C. (2013)

Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin, P.R.C. (2013)

People’s (Renmin) University, Beijing, P.R.C. (2011)

People’s (Renmin) University, Beijing, P.R.C. (2010)

People’s (Renmin) University,Beijing, P.R.C. (2007)



Native English speaker with ability to converse in intermediate mandarin Chinese.

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