Heather Dixon, PhD

Department Chair, Professor

Dr. Heather Dixon is the Department Chair and a Professor in the Management Department at Appalachian State University. She teaches a variety of management and entrepreneurship courses. She developed the first undergraduate Social Entrepreneurship course in the College of Business and has co-developed and led entrepreneurship Study-Abroad Programs in Vietnam, Panama, Spain and Malawi. She previously served as Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship. She has an MBA from Wichita State University and earned a PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in corporate strategy from the University of Arkansas, where she also worked as part of the founding team at the Applied Sustainability Center. She is particularly interested in bridging relationships between representatives from corporations, NGOs and the academic community. Her research on corporate social and environmental responsibility has been published in academic journals and has been recognized by Forbes and Business Week. 

Recent Publications

Dixon-Fowler, H., O’Leary-Kelly, A., Johnson, J., & Waite, M., forthcoming. Sustainability and ideology-infused psychological contracts: An organizational- and employee-level perspective, Human Resource Management Review.

Fowler, E., Coffey, B., & Dixon-Fowler, H.* 2019Transforming good intentions into social impact: A case on the creation and evolution of a social enterprise, Journal of Business Ethics, 159(3): 665-678. (* all authors contributed equally)

Romi, A., Cook, K.A., & Dixon-Fowler, H. 2018. The Influence of social responsibility on employee productivity and sale growth: Evidence from Certified B Corps, Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 9(4): 392-421.

Hasija, D., Ellstrand, A., Worrell, D., & Dixon-Fowler, H. 2017. Two heads may be more responsible that one: Co-CEOs and corporate social performance. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 18(2): 9-21.

Dixon-Fowler, H., Ellstrand, A., & Johnson, J. 2017. The Role of board environmental committees in corporate environmental performance. Journal of Business Ethics, 140(3): 423-438.

Anderson, S., Coffey, B., & Dixon-Fowler, H. 2014. The Empty Bowls Project: Creating, leading and sustaining a social enterprise. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice38(5): 1237-1245.

Dixon-Fowler, H., Ellstrand, A, & Johnson, J. 2013. Strength in numbers or guilt by association?: Intra-group effects of female chief executive announcements. Strategic Management Journal, 34(12): 1488-1501.

Dixon-Fowler, H., Slater, D., Johnson, J., Ellstrand, A., & Romi, A. 2013. Beyond “Does it pay to be green?”: A Meta-analysis of moderators of the CEP-CFP relationship. Journal of Business Ethics, 112(2): 353-366.

Slater, D. & Dixon-Fowler, H. 2010. The Future of the planet in the hands of MBAs: An examination of CEO MBA education and corporate environmental performance, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 9(3): 429-441.

Slater, D. & Dixon-Fowler, H. 2009. CEO international assignment experience and corporate social performance, Journal of Business Ethics, 89(3): 473-489.


Venture Creation, Strategic Management, Managing Change, Opportunity and Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Practicum, Entrepreneurship Internships, and Entrepreneurship Study-Abroad

Research Interests

Corporate social and environmental responsibility, corporate governance, female executives, and social entrepreneurship

Title: Department Chair, Professor
Department: Department of Management

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