Dan Hsu, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., Syracuse University
  • M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • M.S., Fu Jen Catholic University
  • B.S., Fu Jen Catholic University

Recent Publications

  • Zhu, F., Hsu, D.K., Burmeister-Lamp, K., Fan, S. (TBA) “An Investigation on Entrepreneurs’ Venture Persistence Decision: The Contingency Effect of Psychological Ownership and Adversity.” Applied Psychology: An International Review
  • Shinnar, R.S., Hsu, D.K., Powell, B., & Zhou, H. (2017) “Entrepreneurial Intentions and Start-ups: Are Women or Men More Likely to Enact Their Intentions?” International Small Business Journal. DOI: 10.1177/0266242617704277.
  • Hsu, D.K., Shinnar, R.S., Powell, B.C., & Coffey, B.S. (2017) “Intentions to Reenter Venture Creation: The Effect of Entrepreneurial Experience and Organizational Climate.” International Small Business Journal. DOI: 10.1177/0266242616686646. 
  • Hsu, D.K., Simmons, S.A., & Wieland, A. (2017) “Designing Entrepreneurship Experiments: A Review, Typology, and Research Agenda.” Organizational Research Methods, 20(3): 379-412. 
  • Hsu, D.K., Wiklund, J., & Cotton, R.D. (2017) “Success, Failure, and Entrepreneurial Reentry: An Experimental Assessment of the Veracity of Self-Efficacy and Prospect Theory.” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 41(1): 19-47.
  • Zhu, F., Burmeister-Lamp, K., & Hsu, D.K. (2017) “To Leave or Not? The Impact of Family Support and Cognitive Appraisals on Venture Exit Intention.” International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 23(3): 566-590. 
  • Hsu, D.K., Burmeister-Lamp, K., & Hong, M.C. (2017) “How does Entrepreneurs’ Psychological Ownership Affect Their Grief after Failure?” International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 9(2): 160-180.
  • Hsu, D.K., Wiklund, J., Anderson, S.E., & Coffey, B.S. (2016) “Entrepreneurial Exit Intentions and the Business-Family Interface.” Journal of Business Venturing, 31(6): 613-627.
  • Simmons, S.A, Carr, J.C., Hsu, D.K., & Shu, C. (2016) “The Regulatory Fit of Serial Entrepreneurship Intentions.” Applied Psychology: An International Review,65(3): 605-627. 
  • Hsu, D.K., Haynie, J.M., Simmons, S.A., & McKelvie, A. (2014) “What Matters, Matters Differently: A Conjoint Analysis of the Decision Policies of Angel and Venture Capital Investors.” Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, 16(1): 1-25. 
  • Shinnar, R.S., Hsu, D.K., & Powell, B.C. (2014) “Self-Efficacy, Gender, and Entrepreneurial Intention: A Longitudinal Examination.” International Journal of Management Education,12(3): 561-570.
  • Hsu, D.K. (2013) “‘This is My Venture!’ The Effect of Psychological Ownership on Intention to Reenter Entrepreneurship.” Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 26(4): 387-402.


Opportunity and Entrepreneurship (ENT 3060), International Entrepreneurship (ENT 3190), Venture Creation (ENT 4650)

Research Interests

Entrepreneurs' wellbeing and new venture financing

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Management

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